BHRR's Big Ben weighed 59.3 KGs(130.46 pounds) today. The Vet feels that he is also putting on the weight very nicely. He has been an absolute ROCKSTAR here at KAH. He was a bit worried in getting into the car as the last car ride was when he was handed over to myself yet he settled down well.

He is a great car traveller! AND I will so have to try and get a picture BUT he is walking on a loose lead with just his flat buckle collar! ONLY here one week and he sits, lay downs and walks so beautifully!!!

I have taken him up from the back run several times and each time he relaxed more and WHAT a social butterfly!!! He wants to greet every person and figured out how to open one of the exam room doors! HOLY! Smart boy. He has also just loved every cat and dog he has met.

The Vet feels that his frostbite is healing well and his seborrhea is also doing much better. You can see how shiny his coat is becoming as he sheds all the dead hair/skin. He does have one area on his muzzle that is still frostbitten and no one is really sure if the hair shall even grow back. Only time shall tell.

It is believed that his limping was from his frostbite and the pads of his feet are still peeling, the poor thing. He lays down, sits very square/even plus upon manipulation, his ROM and flexibility was great. He was happy, no signs of pain and just ate the liver treats I was feeding him while the Vet pulled and pushed and prodded. The Vet was very impressed with his teeth and his heart, lungs, eyes, ears are normal! He does have some slight hygromas, more on the right elbow than the left but that will resolve now that he is sleeping on soft bedding. Great check-up!!!

I took some pictures of him laying down eating a donated antler from Luanne of Rusty Dawg Products and will post them later.

Have I mentioned lately how GLORIOUS I think this boy is!!!! 🙂 AND I am so excited to report that I got my first kiss from BHRR's Big Ben today! All the gals at the Hospital went 'awwwwwww' and it sure was an 'awwwwww…….sigh' moment indeed! 🙂

AND I have to be totally honest that this boy is certainly grabbing hard at my heart.