This stunning BBBBB rocked her own professional photo shoot today….. 

I use the word ‘proud’ often and I am! I am so beyond proud of the progress made by these once deeply broken and battered dogs.

For those who do not recognise this stunning girl, it is Mama GD Gem, once known only as D211. She is the mama to The Bakers Dozen. As Liz said today, it is so hard to believe that she carried 13 babies, she is so tiny. 

She went from an emaciated 99 pounds heavily pregnant to 84 pounds after giving birth and now is hanging around 110 pounds. Dainty in physical appearance yet strong in survival skills.

Mama Gem you ‘done good’ as it is said…though you were so emaciated – barely 99 pounds and heavily pregnant with 13 pups – you gave all you had to them and though you were never meant to be a Mama, to me, you are amazing.

The impact that this beautiful Dane has had on my heart and soul cannot be measured in words…..a mere baby herself to have lived the life she did prior to her Rescue, no dog should ever have experienced that kind of hell.

From being catatonic & terrified to trusting me and blossoming slowly like the most precious of flowers into what Liz saw today – cautious plus still worried around strangers yet bouncing and happy and so affectionate to me and open to displaying that love she is developing for life in front of Liz. 

While it has bothered some that so many ask about and want her pups – and to date only a mere handful have ever asked about Mama Gem – to me, I want BHRR’s Gem – wanted her since we were first asked to assist her – and she will remain safe in our Haven program for life….we will travel far together as there is so much that I want to slowly introduce her to and show her about the loving helping hands of the world….slowly take away the memories of the hurting hands that tortured and neglected and used her for their own greed.

BHRR’s Gem, your body, heart and soul may bear the scars of so many wounds of your past yet it is my life commitment to you to give you new memories and experiences, ones of so much joy, happiness and spoiling! I promise to keep you safe and cherish you forever. 

You shall never know another day of pain or sorrow….you shall never know another day without a soft bed to lay in, never know another day starving with a stomach empty of food, having a bruised and bleeding body, freezing and alone and being afraid of every sound and person…..the darkness shall not scare you any longer….

I adore you..accept you….understand you and am here for you…..

I love you and you are a gift….one day, may you know just how much of a gift you truly are. 

So today, BHRR’s GD Mama Gem had her own professional photo shoot and it was all about her and the princess she is and she deserved her own special time in front of Liz’s camera! 

She just shined!

Thank you Liz for your generous time and talent again today!

BHRR’s Gem, we founded BHRR for dogs like you and we are honoured to have you with us…