As we get ready to settle in for the night with some special snacks and cuddles, The Bakers Dozen of BHRR’s Poppy & I wish all of our friends, family & supporters wonderful good night wishes! 

We shall update as we can and as per usual, regardless if this is the right matched personality fit forever loving home meant for her or not, what BHRR’s Poppy gets out this is another great experience to continue to help make her the best well rounded and balanced girl she can be. 

BHRR has never focused on adoptions…we have always focused on helping the next in need of us and will remain doing so.

I truly am so proud of this BBBBB and of all of her litter-mates. We have travelled extremely far together and what an honour…as I have said before, this fight to help them and their Mama GD Gem has been one of the top five most difficult and one of the top five most rewarding times of my Rescue Career and life. The deep impact of the amazing miracle making highs to the devastating crushing lows will forever be carved into my heart and soul….