BHRR’s Booker
February 18th, 2018

He had his second special Date!

This date was won by a sweet person in our annual ‘JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS’ Online Auction. They wished to have the date organised after January 25th and when that time came, they no longer felt in a position to have this Date and asked if it could be gifted to another with our permission. 

We then reached out to said person they wanted to donate this date to! What a beautiful gesture made by the first home! 

The home gifted this date chose Mr. Squishie as their date of choice and also invited Kinsley, myself and Sir-Bounce-A-Lots to spend the day/early evening with them.  We came armed with food, snacks, drinks and dogs! AND the home also so deliciously made their famous meatballs & rice.

There was no lack of amazing things to eat or to talk about or dogs to love on for this home also has two dogs of their own. Truly, an amazing time spent….

What a beautiful day it was! As people are aware we are an all Volunteer group and I am in these Rescue trenches 24/7. Sunday was a delightful treat to share good food with good company and wonderful dogs! Thanks for inviting us! 

Here are some pictures I took from this special Play date yesterday! BHRR’s Booker is looking at me and clearly saying ‘the no couch rule does not apply today Gwennie’ 

Thank you to this lovely home for a great day and further great experiences for Mr. Squishie! 

Today is Family Day and in observation of such and that my family gets extreme little quality family time, we are doing….well….special family things! 

We hope all of our friends, family & supporters are having an equally fabu day!