The Bakers Dozen!
February 15th, 2018

They had their latest professional photo shoot today and what a shoot it was!  Here is a candid I took!

Thank you to all of the Volunteers that spent about 35 minutes with Sean & I, puppy loving and puppy wrangling! Record time! Thanks Anne, Annette, Elizabeth, John, Meaghan, Sean & Brenna!

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as their heads were ‘not in the game’ and in the clouds instead! 

Annette you get the prize – and I will find something for you!  – for the true meaning of puppy wrangling!  You rocked that wrangle tackle on BHRR’s Juniper! 

This is why I love martingale’s so much for unlike the quick release buckles, they provide security and safety. NOT that BHRR’s Juniper would have gone far – super pack oriented to her siblings she is – yet case in point about the martingale’s being a much better collar. Unfortunately, we just do not have enough of them for their current size.

Thank you also Annette for the home-made treats! These pups were really distracted today and overall I plus Liz have to express how much more calm & less busy BHRR’s Everly was compared to November!  It was BHRR’s Juniper – who is known to be a busy bee herself – that truly was everywhere and anywhere!

BHRR’s Oliver – you have come so far with your anxiety and shyness!!  You were so much more solid.

BHRR’s Fletcher -yes, well…what can I say?! You remain such a suck and this is why you remain paired up with the person who will not unconsciously enable your own anxiety & shyness. While you would prefer to be glued to my side, from the moment you were old enough – barely 2 weeks – was never allowed to happen as I want you to become the best dog you can be! 

BHRR’s Poppy – wallflower you are no longer!

BHRR’s Furry Murray – you were so in your element!

This litter has been in the hands of others consistently since they were 2 weeks of age and have gone to public education/awareness events, have had five professional photo shoots to date, have been to so many Vet visits since they were born interacting with many and experienced plenty of dates both in and out of our home.

Anyone who knows me is very aware of our BHRR play date and visitation programs – around for over 22 years now – and how much they mean in assisting to help make our dogs the most well rounded plus balanced they can be. I am always putting our dogs into the hands of others as soon as the dogs are ready and we have now seen over the past five years just how many other groups have been following our lead to do the same.

Temperament is very much genetically oriented and we have to use the proper set up for success in environment to help these dogs reach their full potential. Therefore, I am always handing off our dogs – when they are ready – to right matched people to help the doggies. So many think all puppies are bouncey and naturally social and over the top friendly and that could not be further from the truth. They are a big product of their genetics- Mama Gem’s genes live strong in these pups – and we have worked and remaining working hard to guide plus develop this litter into the Best Dogs they can be.

As such, like any of our dogs, they will only be approved to the right matched personality fit forever loving homes. Period. We provide so much detail in their blogs about the homes we want for each of our dogs and we do not want to see our dogs set up for failure. We will not compromise on what we know is in their best interest.

Five currently remain available for adoption and BHRR’s Murray could be available for adoption by April.

Thank you to Brenna for the amazing $16.20 from the returning of Empties! AND for the generous $20 donation to add to our Sunday Event total! 

We are asking people to please do consider donating your Empties to help the BHRR animals! 

Thank you again to Liz for her time and own patience to try and capture these wiggling, distracted and really amazing 5 month old Irish Wolfhound/Great Dane pups!

Any one else see the perfect ‘7’ on BHRR’s Everly’s chest?! 

Too bad she was the 2nd born, not the 7th as that would be freaky!