The Bakers Dozen – BHRR’s Carlsberg
September 13th, 2017 – January 21st, 2018
His Memorial Movie

A post that I have been absolutely sick to my stomach to write for it makes the reality of his short life final…..

I wish to thank the few that were aware of his final chapter and allowed/respected us to have the time to try and grieve – it shall never end this horrible pain – and to collect ourselves to be able to post in his honour plus extend our incredible thanks to Team Carlsberg, his Fans & Supporters.

Dr. Chauvet – We could not have asked for a better Neurologist. From Day 1, you called yourself his ‘godmother’ and he could not have had a better one.

Nancy – You were his Rehab Angel at Alta Vista SS. Though, we wished you came into our lives a different way, we remain so grateful to know you.

Dr. McIsaac – I could not have asked for any better to be there when I rushed him back into Emerge January 21st. I know we keep saying to each other that we need to meet under better circumstances….and we really do. Thank you for your compassion and kindness.

If love alone could have saved this sweet boy, he would still be thriving.

As a few are aware, my goal in 2018 was to begin to make movies of all of the BHRR doggies and this is not how I wanted to do my first movie…. 

As Sean knows, I still wake up saying that I have to flip him, offer him water and food, make sure he is warm enough, make sure that he is clean and comfy, to do his rehab exercises, to love on him etc…

AND BHRR’s Booker does the same, looks for him and then cries…he was so distressed that his bff did not come home. My Salt has been helping him go through his own grieving process.

Kinsley, no pup could wish for a better ‘kid’ to have on their side, no mother either. You rarely missed a rehab appointment – always wanting to be there – and could always be counted on. You were his snuggle and cuddle person and on the days when he would not eat for me, he would for you and vice versa! Thank you for being you……your strength to be there to help him cross-over was powerful.

Baby Carlsberg and I have been closely together since I helped him take his first breaths – September 13th @ 12:15 AM – and 24/7 since December 10th, 2017.

Sean can attest to the night I woke up, just panicked as I could not find BHRR’s Carlsberg. He could only hold me until I fully woke up to realise that Baby Carlsberg was no longer there…

As with many of our BHRR doggies, to find the right words to truly honour them is a struggle and I sincerely do hope that one day I can honour this fine young man and how he honoured my life…what a gift he was.

This litter & Mama Gem were way behind the 8 ball from Day 1 and they had/have a Vet Team including specialists that spanned four Hospitals from the moment Mama Gem came into BHRR.

Responsible/Quality Rescue is not easy…in fact, it is hell in a lot of ways yet regardless of the evil and maliciousness of some in the world, I would not trade one moment, despite this pain that makes even taking one breath difficult. For without BHRR so many would never have been given a chance at a great QOL filled future.

We need to keep finding the strength to pick up the pieces and help the next one in need of us for so many others will not or cannot.

It is just so devastating that you cannot save them all…no matter how hard you try.

Baby Carlsberg….I was there by your side helping you take your very first breaths and I was there by your side when you took your last…..there is no greater love of selflessness to give than to embrace you with such adoring tears to ensure that you are not in any pain or suffering…..

You were surrounded by those that loved you and then you took your final ride to come home and be laid to rest next to my Big Blue Bronson who as Sean said ‘will watch over you and take care of you as he is doing for your siblings that passed away from FPS shortly after birth.’


I hope I came even close to giving justice to this beautiful boy…my heart bleeds……just shattered.