My last post of my night!

Mr. Squishie News!

My GD Salt(Almost 3) and Mr. Squishie(14 weeks)!

BHRR’s Booker wants to shout out a HUGE thanks to Doogie and her friends plus family! 

Doogie had asked for people to possibly consider making a donation to his cause in honour of her upcoming Birthday. 

To date: $125 has come to BHRR for Mr. Squishie’s mounting Vet Bills. So heartwarming! 

BHRR’s Booker is back at LAH on September 30th for his next exam, repeat x-rays and re-weigh plus boosters!. 

I have been doing ROM and flexion exercises at home on that ankle along with massage and some conditioning exercise etc. 

Thank you Doogie for choosing BHRR to support and what a wonderful soul that I am privileged to share my own Birthday with! 

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, good night wishes are being sent!