Please keep The Bakers Dozen – BHRR’s Carlsberg in your best wishes.

I rushed him into Alta Vista Animal Emergency tonight. 

They wanted to rule out Parvo which I would have been shocked/surprised if it was and it was negative.

So, they are treating for gastroenteritis and he will stay there for now….

The journey that he and I have taken together since the day I whelped him (and his litter-mates) and helped him take his first breaths on September 13th to now has been a huge roller coaster…..

I have also been with him 24/7 with only a rare exception since his FCE on December 10th and to have to leave him in Emerge was not easy yet he is in the best of hands.

His ‘kid’ Kinsley is beside herself too. She had to stay at home so could not come with me to Emerge.

Thank you to the absolutely amazing staff at Alta Vista Animal Hospital for being there for me and him and making me feel not so alone. Thank you to the lovely couple for sitting and chatting – they had to admit their own precious pet tonight and their Boy is keeping BHRR’s Carlsberg company overnight….

As mentioned to his lovely Vet in Emerge, we will figure out the bills….I must have faith…I do have faith….

I put down $800 before I left and the current estimate given was up to $1,782.26

I have also been in contact and have updated his Neurologist and his Rehab Specialist.

BHRR’s Carlsberg – I will meet you in my dreams tonight – if I can sleep at all – and I know the staff are going to flip you as needed and massage your legs, do ROM and will love on you….