Last post of my night and due to popular demand….we will post another Mr. Squishie pic! 

This photo was taken Friday January 12th by Elizabeth at Alta Vista Animal Hospital during BHRR’s Carlsbergs’ rehab session. Great photo! Thank you again Elizabeth, Anne & Mike for helping me out that day! 

BHRR’s Booker is back at Liston Animal Hospital on Tuesday and for those wanting to meet him, he will be a guest of honour at our special ‘Sweetheart Spa’ Event on Sunday February 11th at Pet Valu Stittsville. 

Additionally, having had not one, not two yet three people either post on our Facebook page or reach out to members of the BHRR BOD, offering to make a donation if we would then ensure that we put this pup into their own home, we would like to publicly state the following:

BHRR does not operate in such a substandard manner. We have an extremely thorough adoption screening process. It is also concerning that people would only consider making a donation ‘if’ they got BHRR’s Booker in exchange.

We only place per right match personality fits to our dogs that are determined to be adoptable. They also do not go up for adoption until they are successfully rehabilitated and assessed as being adoptable. 

All of our adoption processes, policies and procedures can be found on our website and he has a wonderfully detailed blog that people can follow his journey at BHRR! 

From our home to all of our friends, family & supporters, good night wishes being sent!