BHRR’s Booker is already ‘watchful’ over his best bud, BHRR’s Carlsberg. Neither can be with the ‘big dawgs’ – even the remaining Bakers Dozen are too much for BHRR’s Carlsberg right now. They play so well together despite BHRR’s Carlsberg inability to walk.

They nap and share toys and water and food and both are so mentally happy/stimulated to have each other. Being together is so healthy for both of them! 

Both have been with my own outstanding GD Salt yet Salt is amazing with all dogs and has helped ‘raise’ his share of dogs! 

These two pups are so special and we will make sure both are done right by….my heart is so in love with them both as I take these medical journey’s with them…..they are both gifts and both deserve the best chance possible at having the happiest and fullest of quality of lives!