BHRR’s Samson George – Male Merle(chocolate hue to coat) Great Dane, 9 years old ( 1997), Neutered, Housetrained, utd on shots and on HW preventative. Samson George was Owner Surrendered to us with his friend Arlo due to their owner’s health. Samson George is on Thyroid meds at this time and we will be running a thryoid test along with a HW test when he goes to the vet on October 25th. He will also be receiving a manicure plus pedicure. Sam has a plate in his one hind leg due to an accident as a puppy yet he is doing great! We will also be looking closer at one of his eyes and he has one toe that is completely missing the toe nail. Samson is a great dog! He is so very dignified, gentle, quietly confident and does not hesitate to bump your elbow if he feels that HE is not getting his share of the loving! Very affectionate boy and I swear he actually SMILES!!! He does need to lose a bit of weight and is a ‘food hound’ but he is not possessive or aggressive with toys or his food whatsoever. I love when Samson gives these little sideways ‘hops’ when he is feeling playful or is just plain happy to see you. He is my new ‘old soul’ in our program for he comes across very ‘wise’ and is very contemplative of the world around him. Samson George and Arlo have come to us from New York