BHRR’s ??? 
Needs a name!
9 weeks old (Born October 7th, 2017) 
Male, Dogue de Bordeaux

BHRR came highly recommended by the Vet Hospital he was seen at and after Sean & I dialogued, BHRR will also become this wee dude’s XMAS Miracle.

You see he has a broken leg – broke over a week ago – tibia & fibula and needs our immediate assistance… 

A really kind angel has been taking care of him since his leg broke.

Thank you to Rachel Ng in offering to be his special XMAS Angel Secret Santa & to Kathy Rader-Cahill/Terry for being his caring Transport Angels as we move efficiently behind the scenes to make the necessary arrangements. 

BHRR was founded as a Great Dane/Giant Breed Rescue that focuses strongly on the special needs and this wee pup needs medical attention/surgery immediately in order for us to have the best chance of saving that leg. If it is not possible to save the leg, it will be amputated and like all of our fabu tripods, he will go on to live an amazing painfree quality filled life. 

I know we are heading fast into XMAS and we hope that he will have a village surround him in his time of huge need and be the XMAS Miracle he needs…..

One quote was $3,500-$4,000

Donations can be made:

1) Email Transfer to

2) PayPal to (friend & family option)

3) As of tomorrow, he shall have an account set up at Liston Animal Hospital 613-591-0966 – ‘No Name’ and mention Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services

4) Please consider keeping your Empties this Holiday Season to donate to BHRR to help him too! 

This is a stock photo of a 2 month old DDB!

I think our DDB Lion Kings would be happy to see us help this DDB….