BHRR’s ??
Needs A Name! Name Guru’s?!

He is a 1 year old black Male Great Dane. Dumped as the Owners say he is not good with other dogs(was ‘ok’ with their own and as been fine at the pound) and clearly lacks manners and proper socialisation. Plus, from what has come my way, he was ‘man-handled’, so is *quirky*. The Pound workers do not trust him and are not comfortable around him.

It never ceases to make us cringe over the high number of Great Danes/Giants:

1) that are purchased from backyard yard breeders and puppymillers
2) that never were properly socialised
3) that never were properly positively balanced trained 
4) that people think that man handling and forcing a dog through harsh, punitive and painful methods is an acceptable and successful method of training 
5) that people think are a disposable commodity 
6) that when they have kids it is ok to get rid of their pets 
7) that get a dog whether they do or do not have kids and they do not get a dog based upon what is the best match personality fit for their home and then the dog is labelled – often incorrectly -in any number of ways and then gotten rid of
AND the list goes on and on….. 

The genetic personality and temperament of a dog is present since birth and the right environment is necessary to help make any dog reach their full potential and become an asset to home plus community.

We will be stepping up to assist this soon to be BBBBB as he needed his own XMAS Miracle.

Thank you to BHRR BOD member Mary for offering to be his special Secret Santa! 

Thank you to Maira for being so willing to help transport him closer to me!