Samson had a really bad night and I took him into the vets today. He has an infection and is now on treatment and we are also putting him back on the Flagyl to firm up his stools. He was SOOOO happy at the Vet Hospital and his leash manners were impeccable. He could be on the Flagyl indefinitely and we are going to start on 4 pills daily for a week and then decrease to three pills a day for a week and then down to two pills a day for a week. We want to find the most minimal dose to give him and at the same time maintaining his stools to a suitable texture and frequency. The vet noted that his anus has lost some of it’s musculature which can be a natural process of aging. Samson’s bladder control is completely normal. Once warmed up, Samson had a lot less wobbling and bobbling and seem to want to ‘strut’ his stuff to all that would watch. He is such a ‘ham’ and SO social! I am very glad and relieved to hear that he will be ok and that he still has the opportunity to be a king in someone’s home. I was very worried about him. His leg is also looking better as well and I found it somewhat hard to believe that he has put on weight!!! He is now 59.70 kgs(131.34 pounds). Samson makes a great car travelling companion. Thanks to those who sent their thoughts for Samson. Samson is now home, had another bath and is wrapped up in several thick blankets dozing happily. To lose Samson would have hit us very hard and the world would have lost a very special creature.