Puppy #13 – Thirteenth Born – September 13th, 2017 @ 9:29 AM
Brindle Boy
Weight: 475 g(1.04 pounds)

September 20th: 1 week: 1 pound, 9 oz
September 29th: 2 weeks: 3 pounds, 3 oz

This boy is hilarious! On the move! LOVES to eat and it is like he does not have a ‘full’ button and you have to monitor him closely.

He can be busy yet when it is time to settle down, he is a dream.

He has some anxiety issues that we have been working through and he is responding so well. New things have made him a bit nervous yet he is beginning to take more things in instant stride now. We are getting the right people to assist in holding and loving on hiim at the Vets/Photo Shoots to enable me to help him reach his full potential and he is doing great!

When he makes up his mind that he wants to do something or go somewhere, watch out! LOL He will do all he can to meet that goal he has taken upon himself to do! 

He is so much fun! 

He is a rough player…..he is learning to be gentle yet again, he is a big boy and only 4 weeks old -rock solid – and has much to learn about the power of his paws and puppy teeth. 

You could not ask for a better snuggler when the time comes and he is ready for a snooze! 

He is not high energy, just when he sets his mind to something, he just wants to do it! Then, he becomes a ‘man on the go!’