The Bakers Dozen – BHRR’s Oliver – Great Dane/Irish Wolfhound
7 weeks of age

Puppy #10 – Born Tenth – September 13th, 2017 @ 2:45 AM
Blue with White Male
Birth Weight: 501 g(1.11 pounds)

September 20th: 1 week old: 1 pound
September 29th: 2 weeks old: 3 pounds, 4 oz
November 7th: 7 weeks old: 9.8 kgs(21.56 pounds)

He is a big uber handsome boy! He is not the bravest of souls…..has some anxietty that has been coming along famously! We are seeking a proper dog experienced home for him. 

His confidence is improving daily and we are working on getting the right people to hold and love him when we are out at Vet visits/photo shoots etc…as each positive experience is making him reach his full potential.

He is not a leader….he is content to eat, be held and be loved on! He and Kinsley take many naps together! 😀

He will lay by my feet when it is feeding time…not demanding attention, yet making his presence known. He used to fall asleep due to stress for he did not understnad why he was fed some food and then he had to wait and be fed more food etc. Now, he is right in there making sure that he gets his turn!

He is learning so much and is a gentle player….he is not a rough and tumble boy….at least not yet!

Stability, routine and consistency is what he needs….and he is thriving so well.

New situations make him a bit nervous yet once he gathers up his courage and realises that he is ‘ok’, he will take the world in stride.

Just needs a few minutes to size up the world and then his off to the races!

He is so sweet….so loveable. Patient, kind, quiet, totally sweet.
This boy is so chill. Extremely quiet, calm and we have worked to make sure that he gets more than his share of love and not be overshadowed by the more ‘in your face’ puppies.

He is going to be a big boy and this litter though born emaciated and tiny is thriving! He is the biggest in the litter right now.

We did DNA testing on three of these puppies, BHRR’s Everly, BHRR’s Oliver and BHRR’s Carlsberg. We could only afford three DNA kits, did a draw and the results have come back for BHRR’s Everyl & BHRR’s Carlsberg to date and they are GD/IW pups. Based upon what the puppymiller was breeding, this does not suprise me.

We will approve a home for him that is not always on the go. He needs a stable, calm, structured, consistent home. Quietly social with smaller groups of friends and family both in the home and out, yet not flittering here and there and everywhere.Walks, strolls, small hikes are good and having a good social doggie network is important yet he is not a puppy that loves ton of action. Playful yet not overly.

He is relaxed and will do best in a home that is equally relaxed and while that home is social, there is ‘no place like home’ kind of family is ideal for him.

Rain days with a good book or a movie in front of the fireplace on after a short walk is this boyz cup of tea!

He will not be approved to be adopted to a home that has children UNDER the age of 10. Homes with more than 2 children also shall not be considered.

Homes that feel it is acceptable to have their children ride or lay on dogs, need not bother applying. This is completely inappropriate and painful to the dog.

Easy to do nails and to bathe plus clean ears!

Travels wonderfully in a car and at 7 weeks of age, knows words such as his name, good. sit, snack and boy and so many others!

He, like his litter-mates love their giant stuffies to and cuddle with. He really does. Much comfort has been given by these stuffies as their Puppymill Great Dane Mama Gem sadly rejected them shortly after birth.

He can go to a home either as an only dog or to a home that already has a right matched fit dog already in it. It is most essential that he remains having exposure to other dogs and like we have friends, he should have a few good friends too.

He is so handsome and mellow.

He is very even tempered.

Before applying to adopt him, please read our adoption processes and policies on our

Photo is from his second professional photo shoot on October 22nd at almost 5.5 weeks of age.

He will be ready to go to his approved right match fit forever loving home by December 22nd, 2017. He and his siblings are scheduled for their spays/neuters between the end of November and the beginning of December.

He had his first vaccines November 7th.

He also has this individual blog:

Thank you to Melissa for her time/talent capturing The Bakers Dozen and to Bob for being his professional Photo/Vet Cuddle Buddy!