Today The Bakers Dozen had their third professional photo shoot!

We managed to get pictures between the raindrops and at the very end, we all went under a tree for a quick human/dog group photo as the rain began to come down. Would have been nice to have gotten an all Bakers Dozen photo again yet the rain coming was not going to let that happen! 

We were in and out all within 20-25 minutes and thank you to all that showed up to help puppy wrangle! Could not have done it without each of you and Christine thank you for bringing John for in the end as we had another Volunteer not come, the extra hands were SO appreciated and needed! John, thank you again for loving on BHRR’s Oliver.

This is BHRR’s Carlsberg ( blue Brindle boy ) on the way home! What a cutie! This last week has seen them grow up in height…the legs some of them now have! Models would be jealous.  Three of them turn 7 weeks of age later tonight and the rest of their siblings turn 7 weeks of age tomorrow.

Each day I am putting one of these miracle pups up for adoption and already we have a Pending Adoption for one of the babies. 

I know we shall have more shortly too…. 

Melissa – thank you once more for your time plus talent!

Brenna, thank you for your incredibly generous donation and also to your friend for the comfy duvets for The Bakers Dozen!

Happy soggy Sunday to all of our friends/family & supporters!

We are now home, delicious afternoon snack given to the puppies and a nice cup of mint tea for me and presently, I have an adorable pack of puppies snoozing all around me.