Good AM! Or is it Good-Night?! 

The days and night are all blended into one! 

This cutie is Blue Fawn Girl – Born September 12th @ 10:56 pm. She was the second pup born out of The Baker’s Dozen. She weighed 460 g(1.03 pounds). 

All but 1 pup are reliably on the bottle now. BB – Brindle Baby Girl remains on the dropper.

Puppies are fed every 2-2.5 hours and feeding now takes me just under two hours each time. So, in doing the math…..I am always feeding. BB is offered food every 45 minutes to an hour….

So, there are times that I push the next feeding to the 2.5 hour mark so I can get a power snooze. Today, I am going to take a shower….Gwennie Goal #156 for the day to accomplish! 

Thank you to Sean for making me the best sandwich last night that I could munch at my leisure. Sean also ran out to Pet Valu Kemptville to pick up their remaining nursing kits. 

Puppies are eating anywhere from 15 MLS – 60 MLS per feeding. BB is about 5 MLS each time. She is feisty, vocal at times as she does have a bit of a mind of her own and continues to pee and poop and as long as she has fight, so do I. 

Mason and Kinsley feel that with each feeding, the puppies are getting bigger! They would be right. Three puppies were born really late on the 12th making them shy of five days at the time I type this. The remaining 10 puppies are just in the 4 day old range now. 

That all 13 were born alive and are still here is a miracle in so many ways….so many things can go wrong in such a large litter and also born without Mama having any proper prenatal care until we got her and Mama having rejected them quite fast. Yet, all are still here and I hold no false illusion that at any moment, one or more could devastatingly pass away. For now, I fight the great fight with them and can only express again my thanks to those who understand why we do not want all of these pairs of loving yet also very much stranger, germ hands here. They are so fragile, tiny and need quiet, calm and stability and they know my touch and scent and are feeding very well, reliably so. 

I know how each one wants to be held when feeding, I know how each one likes their Formula temperature-wise – some like it warmer then others and others like Brindle Boy born #13 could care less! As long as it is food, he is happy! Others like theirs cooler or even on the cold side. 

I know how much pee and poop each one is producing and which puppy tends to want to aspirate when feeding and how each puppy likes to be burped. Sean has become an expert burper and he is offen now doing that role for the harder pups so I can move to feeding the next one.

By having absolute control and consistency as to who is doing the feeding, any minute changes can caught fast and handled appropriately. Having people not love and hold them and try to assist in feeding has nothing to do with us not wanting to share! 

For those that know anything about me, they know just how much importance I stress on our dogs getting into the hands of others. Our popular and well copied play visitation and play date programs attest to that! Believe me, when they are ready, I shall be sounding the bell and pleading for people to handle them, love them, spend time with them etc. They just need time…time to get stronger and healthier. 

Feeding them is like a roller coaster…hi-lights and low-lights. My heart stops and my breath catches every time I look into their tote and does not start again until I know all are breathing and alive… stressful as I adore them all so much already and would give my left arm if it meant they would all thrive….

I know I sound like a broken record yet taking care of 13 vulnerable babies puts us into a position of having urgent needs….a few of them are below and vet files for Mama GD Gem 
& The Bakers Dozen are set up at:

Liston Animal Hospital 613-591-0966 – first Vet visit is on the 25th! Sean, Kinsley & I have this visit all covered yet their 4 week one is going to be all hands on deck! We will post for Volunteers when that date/time has been booked. 

AND also set up at Kanata Animal Hospital 613-836-2848

Email and PayPal donations can be made to

Properly Vetting & caring for them shall cost easily $15,000-$20,000+ for we do not cut corners at BHRR. They all shall have proper de-worming at 2,4,6,8 weeks etc., Exams at 2,4,8,12 weeks etc., vaccines at 4,8,12 & 16 weeks, fecals, and all shall be spayed and neutered – courts wanted by 8 weeks of age and once again based upon my excellent long standing relationship with the authorities, we shall be able to alter this litter as we did with the Puppy Pile in 2016 closer to 10-12 weeks. Food, Esbilac, treats and more shall also add to their care bills. 

Everything I beg and plead for is for the animals….everything donated goes to them…and some our URGENT NEEDS are below:

1) POWDERED Esbilac 794 g containers if possible – I am going through 2 x 340 g containers a day. They are eating more and more with every feeding and at the present, this means I only have 6 days left of Esbilac. They will be on it until 7-8 weeks of age between now, in their mush and until they are consistently eating kibble well. 

2) Pee Pads

3) PVD Essential Care Canned Puppy – Vet Food

4) PVD Essential Care Kibble Puppy – Vet Food 

5) Pet Valu Gift Cards OR Costco Gift Cards(thanks Amy for the great idea!)

6) Pinesol 

As always, please know how much every email or text of support means, every phone message, every donation of every nickel sent our way and every item! 

My worry and stress is lessened with each kind and caring gesture shown…we are the little guys doing big things for special Giants and we cannot do it alone…

BHRR’s Chain Of Success links are being proven strong thanks to so many in our village!!  We are only at the beginning of this miraculous journey with The Bakers Dozen and not to be forgotten about Great Dane Mama Gem. I sincerely look forward to doing it with our supporters, family plus friends walking by our/their sides….

I am humbled and feeling so many blessings….