Bakers Dozen BHRR’s Oliver wishes all of our friends, family & supporters a good night!

Tomorrow, after BHRR’s Everly’s recheck visit with Dr. Liston, we are hoping to have 7 of these amazing puppies available for future adoptions and will be back open from our annual Halloween closure for the intake of applications to consider for them.

All puppies are back at Liston Animal Hospital(LAH) on the 7th and we then hope to be able to place one more as available for a future adoption.

BHRR’s Murray shall remain on ‘hold’ as we watch him mature & develop. As some are aware he and BHRR’s Carlsberg were at LAH on the 24th of October and on the 26th of October, Dr. Parker, an ortho specialist(he was the specialist that amputated BHRR’s Angel Noelle’s leg and also did Matrix’s eye enunciation) reviewed the x-rays we did on the 24th.

The Bakers Dozen are now a miraculous almost 6.5 weeks of age (born September 12/13) and their third professional photo shoot is this Sunday November 5th.