Now, that things are becoming a bit more settled at BHRR, if any of our approved BHRR approved Volunteers are willing to take BHRR's Apollo to a 'maintenance' swim session at CWW(Canine Water Wellness): here are the dates/times to consider! While we are awaiting his forever loving adoptve home, we would like to take him to some extra sessions AS he just loves them and he can only continue to benefit from more time spent swimming. 🙂

Friday February 4th – Between 5 PM & 6 PM
Saturday February 5th – Between 9 AM & 2 PM
Tuesday February 8th – Between 1 PM  & 6 PM
Wednesday February 9th – Between 10 AM & 2 PM*RESERVED
Friday February 18th – Between 1 PM & 6 PM
Wednesday February 23rd – Between 10 AM & 2 PM
Friday February 25th – Between 1 PM & 6 PM
Saturday February 26th – Between 9 AM & 2 PM*RESERVED

Please email if you are interested in helping to take BHRR's Apollo to some extra sessions.