FROM MARC SAYER @ DDRI(Deaf Dane Rescue, Inc.):

Well we have Casper in a temporary foster home. Gwen from Birch Haven(, a Canadian Dane rescue, is fostering him for us and has had him since Sunday September 18th. He is in much worse shape than we were led to believe. We do not know what all is wrong with him at this point, and will be doing some testing this next week, but for sure he has a raging infection of some sort in his feet (see photo below). He is also listless and has no energy, and he seems afraid of people in general, though Gwen did say he had perked up a bit today and actually wagged his tail at her. Gwen is not only donating her time and taking him into her home, she is also helping us out with his vet expenses, despite being burdened with a number of sick rescues herself. Hopefully we can get in some donations to help this poor sweet boy out as he, Gwen, and DDRI could really use some help.