Sneak Peek!

One of the Candids I managed to snap tonight at The Bakers Dozen’s (almost 4 weeks old) first professional photo shoot! 

There are so many reasons why I love this photo and one of the biggest is that these amazing kind generous souls represent some of our small yet mighty fabu village that makes the heart beat so strongly for BHRR!

Thank you for coming out tonight to spend 1.5 hours giving these precious wee babies a positive experience! This is so essential to their proper development and reaching their full potential as they mature!

It is not ‘I’ that deserve any credit….it is all of you that are there for BHRR for you have done & do so much!

You are those strong links on BHRR’s ‘CHAIN OF SUCCESS’ and The Bakers Dozen would not be doing as well as they are without such rescue angels giving of themselves by donating their hard earned money, much needed items and/or time to assist us…..YOU DONE SO GOOD as the expression goes! 

I am so grateful to all of you. I am blessed as are all the animals of BHRR for I cannot do this alone and my family’s belief and your belief has enabled us to be here almost 22 years later helping the truly broken, the urgent, the underdogs that others cannot or will not assist and helping them have such wonderful futures.

Each of you have helped write the next beautiful chapters for the journey’s of so many over the years….

You have my eternal gratitude, my humbled thanks and my forever appreciation….

From my home to all of our friends, family & supporters, Good Night!