The Bakers Dozen – first road trip!

They will be turning 14 days old on Tuesday/Wednesday of this week! Big milestone. 

Off to Liston Animal Hospital!

All had thorough exams 
3 puppies are going on eye meds for a slightly goopy eye – eyes are just starting to open.
1 puppy is going on antibiotics & plain yogurt for he aspirated during a feed and is now sounding a bit raspy 
2 puppies weights are on the lower end of where all of us would like to see yet considering how emaciated they were when born….
All puppies were de-wormed 
A fecal was done on one of the puppies – clear at this time yet per their Vet, things like roundworms will not be found at this young of an age. If one puppy had something, all would as they share the same environment.
My wee black female that FPS has been trying to steal from me also was given a positive review today.  I am fighting hard as is she.
3 of the males need a bit of polysporin on their privates as their litter-mates have been sucking in that area. Dr. Liston said that will stop once all of their eyes are opened.

Here is a picture and as I have posted before those who have been stolen from our loving embrace all too soon, will never be forgotten and remain forever honoured as they are all part of The Bakers Dozen – a miracle birth story of survival for them and their puppymill GD Mama Gem.

Our URGENT NEEDS remain:

1) Powdered Esbilac – when I started to feed them, I was feeding 5 scoops per feeding and as of today, they are now getting 20 scoops per feeding. Mama rejected them shortly after birth so we have been hand rearing them. 
2) PVD Essential Care canned puppy – Vet food 
2) PVS Essential Care Kibble puppy – Vet food

Their is an account set up at Liston Animal Hospital 613-591-0966 as well as Kanata Animal Hospital 613-836-2848 under Mama Gem

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