We are finally here! After a five+ hour drive! 

BHRR’s Gus had an amazing drive down!! I am so proud of him! We have worked extensively to make him feel safe and comfortable in the car as he has anxiety and abandonment issues.

He chomped on his new smoked knuckle bone, snoozed, snored, put his head on my shoulder to help supervise my driving and looked out the window. He was the best of travel companions! WTG Gus-Gus!! 

The only anxiety he showed was when Kinsley & I were apart – such as when I was filling up the car with gas or we took turns going to the bathroom. He settled down great with a positive reinforcement assurance correction and then passively ignored. He loves his ‘pack’.

He had a huge pee when we arrived, drank and slobbered water, ate his supper and has crashed on the bed and is only half on! LOL

Love him…so much…

Tomorrow, we will determine if this home is that right matched home meant for him. He needs patience, understanding, consistency, a home that will not Baby him yet will properly provide the quiet calm signals/words/touches he needs and then passively ignore. He is not to be man handled, he positive corrects beautifully. He is so special and such a big personality! An adolescent Giant who is still learning and needs his obedience. He is not for the faint of heart and he makes me laugh daily with his antics!! 

We shall update as we can tomorrow!

From all of us to our friends, family & friends….good night wishes being sent!