BHRR’s Gus, The Neo! 
This is our 400th Adoption For BHRR. 

Thank you to his new lovely forever loving adoptive home in going through our detailed and thorough adoption process. Thank you for opening up your home on this glorious fall day for the home-visit and spending time with us.

Thank you to Allie for helping to do this home-visit with me and to Kinsley for being my road trip partner. 

BHRR’s Gus, I have been doing road trips for home-visits for over two decades and you were literally one of the best travel and hotel buddies ever!! You rocked the whole experience and for a dog that came to me with anxiety issues, this was a huge accomplishment for you! 

I already miss you and your big loving mushball personality and huge zest for life. Everyone knows when you walk into a room…..

This is what we must do…..adopt the ones that we can so that we then can assist others in need of our programs.

I so look forward to watching the exciting chapters of your future unfold.

You have been a true joy and a real hoot to have had in our home/rescue and I shall forever remain humbled by how you looked at me with those soul reaching eyes….thank you for your trust, your loyalty, your eagerness to please, your continued attempts to always get your way, your smarts, your great ability to ‘work’ a room and most of all for your enormous heart….the world is your big playground and you are a gift that so many are going to be touched to receive…..

You are deeply loving and affectionate….I adore that about you and how proud you are of yourself when you have done something that once made you a bit worried and now makes you so happy!

The only limits you shall ever have in life are those that people will impose upon you and those limits should be so few and far between….you are brimming with so much potential.

Kinsley & I are off for a well earned lunch and then to make the long drive home…cannot wait to see my Bakers Dozen, Sean, Mason, my other dogs and horses again! No place like home!