One Of The Bakers Dozen – October 6th, 2017
*3 weeks of age*

Puppy #10 Blue Male Born: 2:45 AM on September 13th, 2017
Weight: 501 g

On September 29th, at 2 weeks of age he weighed 3 pounds, 4 ounces

I use a receiving blanket or thick towel across my lap when I bottle feed them and he likes to hang by my feet on the side of my chair.

My towel fell down as I was putting his brother – Brindle Boy down and he crawled right in it and fell asleep…

DID not have the heart to disturb him! I just got another towel and kept feeding…

This litter has me so emotioinally tied to them….ADORE them!

PS: Puppies are born with really long nails as that is what they need to ‘claw’ their way around to feed as they cannot walk. THEY sure are sharp as the marks on my arms and fingers can attest too!

Next week when they are 4 weeks of age, I will do a small trim on them as they are all up and rolling and wobbling and bobbling and getting stronger every day.