Amazing Grace ate about 80% of her food today and that is an excellent sign! Her stools are also firm and well formed. She is lonely for she is under ‘house arrest’ as we call it and cannot interact with any of the other animals until we know exactly what she has. She is very loving to Sean and I and we are spending as much time as possible with her. AND she loves her small strawberry or raspberry ice cream treats! She really is a nice, sweet and loving girl and I look forward to getting to know her more. Her paperwork indicates that she is about 4 years old yet we suspect she is much younger. Once she has seen the vet and has had her manicure, pedicure, bath, bw, exam etc.; we will take our own pictures of her as SHE is a stunning girl, just a beauty! She is turning prematurely grey on her muzzle and it adds such a light to her colouring. She is scheduled to see the vets on Tuesday August 16th.