BHRR’s Sambuca hopes everyone has had a wonderful, safe, happy plus healthy holiday long weekend!

The Boerskins took yesterday plus today to spend some much needed, rare plus highly coveted family time together and getting a lot of spring stuff done on the property. Tomorrow all of us are back at this crazy thing called beyond busy life again! 

BHRR’s Sambuca is enjoying freshly washed sheets and what is his fav dog blanket! 

He is now sporting the collar that was donated by his Transport Angels of Alex & Karen and tomorrow he has his professional photo shoot along with BHRR’s Black Diamond. She is then off to her temp foster home until July 3rd and we will re-evaluate her progress at that time. She is ready for this next step in her rehab journey and we are excited for her to have this adventure in the hands of another. It will be an adjustment for her to start yet in order for us to help these dogs be the best they can be, we need them to also be handled and loved by others to assist in helping them be as well rounded plus balanced as possible. 

BHRR’s Sambuca remains on his Antirobe meds battling that infection on the one side of his mouth yet he is doing so well overall. The rainy weather is causing his arthritis to be more active yet when it was sunny, my Salt – adore that dog….he does so much to help the other dogs – and he were running and playing in the 3+ fenced in acreage.

Quality of life always….. 

Good night from our home to all of our friends, family & supporters!