Though, I have been as sick as can be, after leaving work early, I layed down for a few hours and then had to drive to pick up this uber handsome young man.

Thanks so much Jane in meeting up with me! Thanks to Gen for emergency temp fostering him too. 

BHRR’s Ryder is the 10 month old Great Dane that was only 48 pounds and listed for free on an online ad. He also needs eye surgery.

His coat is not pretty right now – old dull coarse hair with sun bleached fur and his tail plus top of his back show major signs of having been kept in a small crate/spot. He has a growth on his tail we need to investigate further. He has one nipple that is abnormal and his left front lower leg has a ‘bulge’. I am not going to guess what it may be. He has some area’s on his body that look like healed injures too.

He is a handsome wee dude regardless and already is singing me a song in the sunroom!

I have heard from others how amazing he is and is super solid in temperament and that is always an amazing thing for a dog to go through what he has and be this friendly, social and lovely.

We shall see how it goes on the small dog front as he was grabbed on the nose by a small dog and we have been told he now barks at them. He is going to have a blast with the big dawgs, I can already tell!

When he is healthy, he will be neutered and microchipped and I am looking forward to our journey together. I can already tell he is going to make me laugh so much and carve his own big space all of his own in my heart. 

He travelled great over the weekend to get to Shannonville from Ohio and welcome to Canada dear man!

On a BIG side note: we are desperately in need of 3 more approved Volunteers to help out on Saturday July 15th for dog loving/washing at Critter Jungles awesome Dirty Dawg Wash! Please consider our cause to support….this shall be our 6th incredible opportunity to be at their location and we need your help!

We need events like this to help raise much needed funds to keep our rescue efforts strong.