BHRR’s Giselle 

She is ready to make her special announcement! 

Making this post brings many lumps of strong emotion to my throat. The journey that this stunning fabu creature and I took together since the day she arrived in our care on September 7th, 2016 has been one of the biggest privileges of my life. 

That she even had to take this journey is awful but that she overcome all that she has to in order to blossom into this healthy, happy, uber affectionate, ham of a dog makes me full of such pride for her. She is a real character!

I met her rescue transport in Hawkesbury and as I knew she was in bad shape, I had an appointment already set up for her at KAH and rushed her right in. 

She was one swollen, bleeding, raw, pain filled, lacking almost all of her hair, with urine burns, severe eye/ear infections plus a UTI, had entropion, had sarcoptic mange and the list went on and on….she was a medical hot mess and had zero manners, communication or social skills and through it all, she was this strong independent female that had had only herself to rely on with zero clue that we were here to help her. 

Earning that trust from her was hard won and we had our share of stand-offs plus tough moments yet I ‘got it’. I understood where she was coming from and why and I needed to prove to her that I was worthy of her trust and she needed to learn that I was not there to hurt her….make her have all of these babies, that I was there to help make her healthy and whole and demsontrate to her that someone was listening while at the same time guiding plus directing her incredible spirit to flourish in the proper ways.

She put on much needed muscle mass/weight and the tone that she now possesss is wonderful. 

This girl has heart….in spades….

She needs a dog experienced home, not necessarily a Dane experienced home. 

We wish to have a home with either no children at all or no children under the age of 12. She deserves to be the ‘baby’ in the home after all of her own years being forced to have babies. 

When she trusts, her loyalty will make tears spring to your eyes she is that special with the giving of her heart and soul. 

She is quirky in that she does not see everyone as a friend and can be cautious/wary around some and that is fine. She does not have to love everyone. I know I do not and she exhibits wonderful self-control and just literally will walk away or better yet, ignore – has broken a few hearts of people wanting to love on her and she was completely indifferent to them  – from those she does not feel is worthy out there. She clearly has her reasons to be that way and her quirky twist is part of her make-up.

She is honest and with each Vet visit we went to – often twice a month yet at least once a month over the past 8 months – improvements were made in being able to handle her more easily for each visit saw her being in less pain and feeling stronger plus healthier and she understood more and more that she was not going to be hurt. Yes, we had to cause her some discomfort to treat her eyes and ears and skin and all of the other infections and sores on her etc. to heal her, yet she was never hurt. 

That first visit even trying to get her on to a scale….to now she walks right on and stands rock solid. Huge accomplishment. 

As her stunning coat came in(the back of her neck may always remain having some bald patches per her Vet due to all of the damage), so did she come into her own with proper directed confidence and manners – maybe still not 100% lady-like  yet pretty darn close! – and her social plus communication skills. 

All of that same set up for success recipe was followed – patience, time, consistency, obedience, structure, love and understanding…. 

She can go to a home as an only dog or a home that has a right matched personality fit dog. Most important is for her to have a strong network for her to have her own canine friends too.

She can go to a home that works ft, pt, works from home, is semi or fully retired. Another versatile dog!

Travels fantastic in a car too.

A NO cat home and a NO really small dog home is wanted for her as she is a quite interested plus focused on them. She lives in harmony with BHRR’s Steam in our home yet she has other canine friends to interact with, play with and be distracted by. 

A huge Gwennie Novel re: her as there is so much to say! She has a very detailed individual blog on our home website and to whomever her forever loving adoptive home shall turn out to be, you will be getting an exceptional dog. 

She has overcome SO much and for her to still be willing to trust and love and be so affectionate plus playful is a big testament to her and her breed! 

Love you with all that I am BHRR’s Giselle. Thank you for all of your gifts, lessons, the stand-offs, the laughs, the trust, the heart plus backbone that make you, so uniquely you! You have matured and blossomed into an outstanding girl. 

You did it! You refused to be broken prior to rescue and you refused to let your horrible past stop you…..