AND Date Auction #2 has now ended and there are two very happy Date partners!

Thank you again Sandra for giving BHRR’s Latte this special day and for the treats, collar, leash and all of the love plus positive experiences you bestowed upon her.

On a side note, BHRR’s Latte is one of three dogs being considered as a possible right match personality fit for an application we are currently reviewing – BHRR’s Salem & BHRR’s Rubble are the other two. We would be so happy for any one of them should this applicant home be meant for them…..

In the meantime, our ongoing play date & play visitation program plus our unique one of a kind annual date auction, continues to give the BHRR dogs more and more positive experiences with helping hands plus love.

Thank you Sandra so much for we want to keep helping the dogs become as well rounded and balanced as possible and live up to their full potential. BHRR’s Latte is a great dog, perfect in all of her imperfections!