AND BHRR’s Giselle is now dropped off at Liston Animal Hospital for her entropion surgery on her eyes plus spay…..

This gorgeous girl and I have made at least one journey to the Vets per month since she first arrived in our care back in September, this month is two visits already and it is like tradition for me to get a car face pic of her now!

She weighed 120.12 pounds which is different than her weight from KAH last Friday and she was solid on the scale….yet, she looks great so that is what matters most!

Will post an update when we hear something…

This girl is extremely dear to my heart….she has made an incredible rehab journey physically, emotionally, behaviourally and with her obedience plus manners….she has a big piece of my heart and love her quirkiness!

I am deeply proud of her. She has overcome so much and her best play buddy is BHRR’s Black Diamond. They play for hours and her best buddy watching over her is our Skor. When BHRR’s Giselle sleeps, Skor can always been seen laying right by her side watching over her…..very interesting dynamics.