Guess who?!

BHRR’s Sambuca!

Age is but a number and he runs and bounces plus is happy and getting healthier every day! He is slightly older than my own soon to be 10 year old Dane, Bronson and both are so active and full of life.

I can only hope that when I am his age that I am just like him!

Yes, he has some arthritis, yes, he has old age neuro issues in his hind end, especially on the left back leg yet, WOW! Not much is holding him back with the muscle mass and tone he is now building up.

As he feels better too, he is stronger and able to do longer walks and is incredibly playful with me….the affection he shows me is WOW!

He makes my heart sing and my soul ring with so many smiles!

We are still in urgent need of canned wet food for him – Merrick & FROMM are two types he is currently eating. He eats 24 cans a day as he heals from his May 4th surgery of having 22 teeth removed.

That horrible mass that was removed April 13th is like it never happened and he can now poop without any issues! No more discomfort or hindrance.

Comfort Angels THANK you again for standing by him and believing in our efforts at BHRR as we think dogs like him in need are so worthy!

He really is a slice of heaven….the way he looks at me, I feel that he can see deep inside me and is privy to all of my deepest feelings…..humbling and makes one feel vulnerable yet also strong for I am being gifted with a precious gift that is him!

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, good-night and GO SENS GO!

*Paypal did take $11.90 in fees*

BHRR’s Sambuca’s Comfort Angels:
Alex & Karen – Collar, 2 Costco Dog Beds & Towels + Donation Direct to KAH
Jan B.
Lucie -*PayPal took $11.90 in fees
Cindy + A Donation to help buy Canned Dog Food
Mrs. Milne
Karen M.
Margaret G.
Unique Custom Design Boutique
Judy J. + Donation of 18 Cans of Dog Food
Pam S. 
Kim T.
Angela S.
Gail H.
Micheline M. of Ottawa Help Fur Kids
Gwen B.
Anni Y.