BHRR’s Giselle had her boosters tonight and another recheck. She weighed 117.92 pounds. Looking really good!

Her Vet, who has been seeing her from the day she arrived right off the transport once again said that the area on the back of her neck may well stay bald due to all the damage that had been done in the past. Her skin is healthy and pink in that area and she got a BIG thumbs up at her Vet visit.

Her Vet remarked again about what a long rehab journey BHRR’s Giselle has been on and what an incredible physical plus emotional and obedient transformation for her over the past shy of 8 months.

BHRR’s Giselle is scheduled for her entropion plus ovarian remnant spay surgeries next week and in about two weeks after that she may well have her own special announcement to make!

She is such a character….quirky and a huge ham to all she knows and trusts!