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BHRR’s Sambuca UPDATE!

Here is a photo of this handsome gent soaking up the sun/fresh air the day after his urgent/emergency mass removal surgery on April 13th. It took until the 14th before I could get his temp back up into the normal range….the glorious sunshine greatly assisted with that!

He had not been outside to enjoy the sunshine from what I have been told in many months prior to his rescue.

We then waited patiently for his histiopathology report to come in from the sample part of the mass that submitted.

On April 19th, his Vet called to pass along the ever so relieving news that this is a Benign Perianal Adenoma!!! Full report in thread…..

So this meant that we could then move on that awful smelling mouth/black teeth for him! Yay! Yes! Yes!!

So on Tuesday April 25th, we were off to Liston Animal Hospital to get a professional opinion on BHRR’s Sambuca’s mouth. We went in prepared to hear ‘no, sorry nothing can be done’ or that the Vet was not comfortable instead we were asked what were our expectations ‘if’ a surgery was done.

I said what I have always said….I want to give BHRR’s Sambuca the best quality filled life possible and that he has to be in terrible pain right now. Will re-post a pic of his left side of his mouth below. I said I did not have any expectations, only hope that we can do better for BHRR’s Sambuca than what he has been given to date in life and that if he needed extractions, a detailed cleaning and that if only a partial treatment could be done for him that would improve his life, then that is what I wish. I said I defer to the experts, the Vets and if no one was comfortable proceeding, we understood and would proceed accordingly.

The Vet took a good look at his mouth and if it were even possible, his right side is even worse than his left. 🙁 His Vet said that he has a ton of pus, several obviously loose teeth and they would have to get tons of tartar off first before really seeing what else needs to be done.

I felt the tears choking the back of my throat as I asked, ‘so, you think you can do something to help him?’ and the Vet replied yes, and until they get in there, not sure how many teeth needed to come out etc. I was told it was a ‘hot mess’ yet BHRR’s Sambuca can have significant relief from pain and improvement in quality of life with this big dental procedure.

We are now scheduled for surgery for Thursday May 4th as we needed to give him time to recover from his mass removal – a whole new back end without that terrible painful mass now gone and he can poop without trouble now! – and also heal from his neuter.

I also asked if the Vet could check out his hind end, especially on the left as he knuckles over and it stays that way for an extended period of time. It is old age neuro issues setting in and his right back leg responds well went bent under yet his left leg takes some time to respond. The joys of getting older…

He bounces and jumps playful around me and yes, as he has developed more muscle tone and mass, he can run….he has chosen me as his human/person and the happiness he expresses when he sees me, makes my heart flutter!

Vet Bills UPDATE:
Remaining owed at Kanata Animal Hospital: $697.39

Not sure how much his Bills shall be at Liston Animal Hospital yet we are trying to pull together a $500 surgery deposit for him. Dentals are not cheap….especially what he needs.

We know….we have no right to ask for a helping hand as no dog is more deserving than another out there yet, I know I need to ask for at the age of 10, his past humans failed him. I have made him a promise that we shall not fail him.

Already in his time with us, he is happier, healthier, stronger and he has so much to give in love plus heart…..

Who wanted a 10 year old Dane…..well, BHRR did….he is an incredible dog…he is no more deserving than any other dog in need….yet, as a dog in need himself, we would be grateful for even a $5 consideration….

Donations can be made direct to:
Liston Animal Hospital – 613-591-0966 and he has an account there under ‘Sambuca’


Via PayPal to gwen@birchhaven.org


Via Email Transfer to gwen@birchhaven.org

Sorry for the Gwennie Novel…my time has not been my own this past 10 days.

Thank you to ALL of his Comfort Angels to date that helped make his first urgent/emergency surgery happen & for helping us to make his second surgery possible!

*Paypal did take $11.90 in fees*

BHRR’s Sambuca’s Comfort Angels:
Alex & Karen – Collar, 2 Costco Dog Beds & Towels + Donation Direct to KAH
Jan B.
Lucie -*PayPal took $11.90 in fees
Cindy + A Donation to help buy Canned Dog Food
Mrs. Milne
Karen M.
Margaret G.
Unique Custom Design Boutique
Judy J. + Donation of 18 Cans of Dog Food
Pam S. 
Kim T.
Angela S.
Gail H.
Micheline M. of Ottawa Help Fur Kids
Gwen B.