BHRR’s ????
As always, so many in need and never enough spots.

This 7 year Male Merle GD has ended up in a high kill gas pound and had only four days to get out. We were contacted to assist and the rest shall soon be history.

He is said to be skinny, not up to date on vaccines, and was dumped as the home has kids. He is undersocialised and fearful.

To those that question many groups position re: their child adoption policy, here is another recent drop off to a high kill place – BHRR’s Rickards is another example. Homes having kids is one of the top five reasons why dogs are given up, especially for Giants and the child adoption polices that groups have in place are there for excellent reasons.

Lack of obedience and socialisation are other top five reasons for a dog being dumped.

This boy is a poster dog for no less than three of these top reasons.

How could we turn away from him in his time of need?!

ETA to BHRR being worked on.

He shall be #6 for BHRR to be able to help this year.

Thank you to the angel that donated towards his pull fee. I was in surgery yesterday with BHRR’s Sambuca and offered to pay it all yet saw a posting later with this person’s generous contribution and when I was able to, I paid the remaining $50 owed to get him out of the pound.