Flash Blast of Winter today….and managed to capture BHRR’s Black Diamond in the blur of the falling snow…..still not a great picture yet camera’s do make her nervous as she cannot see ones facial expression….

She does not like us too close to her outside and she comes back with the calling of her name amazingly reliably and with so much enthusiasm now. The closer she gets to the house, the slower and more nervous she gets yet she is more brave and now ‘meets her fear’. That is such a big thing!!

If I go out to visit her in the 3+ fenced in yard, she comes closer than she once did yet still stays within a good distance. Yet, when I turn around and walk back to the house, she is right on my heels closely following me!


Still much more comfortable with Sean and Mason yet, improving so much with me. Kinsley is the one helping to prepare her food so that her scent becomes known to Black Diamond too.

She has met Cookie Dough Dynamo and also BHRR’s Abby outside and her desire is to flee. No worries. She is not ready…..

Inside, she prefers to hang in the sunroom and that is where we also have her colossal crate and leave the crate door open unless feeding or sleeptime.

When she knows Sean is around she has now begun to do some Kanga-Daning so that she can see him over the 3/4 door. Yet, when he approaches she will go to the corner….as she does when anyone first goes into the sunroom.

She still shakes and quivers as you sit and turn slightly sideways and passively ignore her yet less than it once was.

You slowly reach out a hand and she still flinches yet is more accepting of the touch and will look at you if you stop gently stroking her fur. She still sometimes will move away yet more and more she will inch and lean more towards us to get us to keep going when we stop…

Or will pace back and forth across our outstretched fingers and if we drop our hand, she pauses in front of us, looking at us out of the corner of her eye…..so, we lift our fingertips again and she will brush up and down them again.

She is so pretty…the look in her eyes is still quite terrified, yet less confused and yesterday I actually saw her race and bounce outside in the glorious sunshine for a really small bit!!!! Makes me smile and feel so good inside……

As I end most of her posts….tomorrow is another day!