This gorgeous adolescent black beauty (no more than 18 months old) is waiting in the wings to come to BHRR as the next in need of our highly specialised rescue assistance.

She shall be only the 4th dog to date in 2017 that we have been able to step up to assist. We have to always be about quality not quantity.

With BHRR’s expertise being on the special needs, medical and/or behavioural, 95%+ of the Danes/Giant & honorary Giants we take in are the really broken, the severely neglected and/or abused, the emaciated, the hurt, the terrified, the untrained, the dying, the deaf and/or the blind, the misunderstood, the sick and the almost destroyed etc….

Dogs, others will not or cannot assist and this has been our mandate since our inception in 1996 to be there for these dogs as we believe that they to deserve the best of lives as it is not their fault they have been let down by humans.

Our Haven program has been the safe home to so many over the past 21 years and we always adopt out those we can and continue to protect plus adore those for life that are not able to be adopted out.

We are not miracle workers, and do not pretend to be. We are committed, experienced, highly educated plus knowledgeable humans that have dedicated our lives to be there for those that cannot speak or stand up for themselves.

This stunning girl is absolutely and extremely terrified plus severely anxious….to the point that she cannot be properly handled, she cannot be examined and is very defensive plus protective of her space. The Dane is so fearful to the point of being assessed by the shelter as being aggressive.

This is why we were contacted to see if we could help her.

With the possibility of more approved adoptions on the horizon, how could we not step up ……she needs so much…..

She will need a name….she will need to learn about helping hands, not hurting hands and we have promised to do right by her…..

ETA to BHRR Sunday March 12th.