UPDATE: Dr. Liston called me prior to them beginning to operate.

He does not feel confident that this just a mastitis mammary mass. He believes that it is cancer.

She has also begun to now develop small lumps on the other side.

We have discussed in great detail over what do to and we have decided to remove this mass and send it to histio/pathology. We want to make her as comfortable as possible and give her as much time of QOL as possible.

He cannot remove all masses(this and the small new ones developing) on both sides in one surgery either. There is just not enough skin.

We agreed that for her comfort sake that we will take off the whole mass that she has now and if this comes back as malignant, then we will provide palliative care as her lymph nodes are affected.

Should this come back as benign, we will go back in and remove the other growing lumps.

Sadly, her one lymph node is enlarged and that along with the mass shall be removed. Dr. Liston says that this is not presenting well.

BHRR’s Maple’s histio/pathology report from her December 9th biopsies surgery is in a previous blog post. No mention at all of any possible cancer. It was a large mass back in December and it is possible that the malignant part of this mass was not in the biopsies submitted. She had been placed on strong antibiotics back in December to treat the infection and to decrease the mass and to then do a removal.

Keep this beauty in your thoughts.