BHRR’s Rickards was at the Vet today!

He weighed 54 kgs(118.80 pounds). Per his emerge temp foster home, he was skinny when he arrived to them January 7th yet they are getting the weight on him nice and even/slow. I asked them to feed him 3-4 smaller meals per day.

Thank you to them for bringing him to KAH today for an exam, pre-op bw in preparation for his neuter when he is ready, heartworm/tickborne testing, nails, and if the Vet felt he was healthy enough – vaccines.

He was being de-wormed as of January 7th and also placed on Revolution. We believe in proper proactive/preventative Vet care ensuring that he is happy and healthy plus keeping all members of the home – pets/humans healthy also and not exposed to parasites/fleas and in the warmer weather ticks etc. One never knows what a dog with an unknown vaccine/vetting history may have.

We had been told he was utd on everything yet I took that with a grain of salt and sure enough…he has had zero documented vetting prior to being dumped at this pound as his home was having a child.

I heard he was a big hit with all and looking forward to meeting him around February 18th myself!

Thank you to his wonderful emerge temp foster home in sending this picture and sending updates my way! This home believes him to more around age 2, not even close to age 4.