BHRR’s Baby Kaos – A New Year & finally ready to make his special announcement!
AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! did it! Thank you to his amazing ortho team for monitoring him so closely, doing his surgery and on December 9th, Dr. P said that this boy is a thumbs up to move forward! We waited until after the Holiday Season to then have him make his announcement. :For those that may be interested in BHRR’s Baby Kaos, they need to read his whole blog and understand the very few limitations he has.

He has arthritis in that leg/knee and he requires Deramaxx as needed on super cold AM’s for example.

He runs, he plays, he is a normal dog in all ways yet that back right leg is not as strong as his other three. It is mighty strong yet whatever happened to him as a wee pup did cause its damage.

Per his ortho specialist, he may need further treatment in his future yet after so much in depth discussions, exams etc., he feels that there is nothing further at this time holding up BHRR’s Baby Kaos from being placed up for adoption!

BHRR’s Baby Kaos can go to a home with other dogs as he is great with them – he is going through his adolescent ‘turkey’ stage right now and needs reminding sometimes that the world is NOT all about him!

He is great with people of all ages…AND any possible future adoptive home needs to be aware of that happy tail of his! It will whip and whap and whack you in his happiness! LOL

He has been an absolute joy to have had with us and he is such a great dog – great to wash, do nails, clean ears and part of that is a testament to his fabu personality and also to the training and handling he has received since his arrival to BHRR as a ‘wee’ handsome squishie!

He can go to a home that works pt, ft, from home, semi-retired etc. as we have set him up for success for many types of possible right matched forever loving homes.

He is good with cats and horses also!

A home with or without another right matched dog is fine as long as he has a wonderful network of other doggie friends to interact with as he is social, young, healthy and loves his socializing.

I cannot express how much joy(some heart twanging also!) and excitement I have for this truly incredible young man.

YOU did it! You have been an incredible trooper throughout everything and you are a ham, a true ‘class clown’ and a big riot to be around BHRR’s Baby Kaos!

You make people smile and laugh and giggle and feel better about their day! That is a special gift….you are a special gift and I hope that 2017 brings you hat right matched forever loving adoptive home!

Thank you to Elizabeth White & Brooke for helping me to get some photo’s of this gorgeous boy. He is hard to capture as he is active, busy and a ‘man on the go’ in many ways.

Yet, you could also not ask for a bigger lapdop, snuggler and cuddler watching tv or a movie.

Love you so much BHRR’s Kaos….seeing you move on to the next chapters in your beautiful life is going to be awesome!

Parting shall be a sweet sorrow for our home though yet this is what we are about!!! You do not need us anymore!