AND then there were none!

Today was our last BHRR approved adoption of 2016 and it was for the last of our BHRR Puppy Pile x 7 born April 14th, 2016!

BHRR’s Corbin, aka ‘Corbie’ aka Mason’s ‘Care-Bear’ was ADOPTED today!

Thank you to his wonderful new forever loving Adoptive family for going through our thorough adoption process and opening up your lovely home today for this home-visit. Thank you to Gail for assisting Mason & I at this home-visit.

Makes such drives as this – 5 hours on the way down and much longer as we plug our way through some pretty nasty snow and traffic – so worthwhile!

BHRR’s Corbin, we shall miss you as we do all of your now adopted siblings yet, we look forward to updates and pictures as you go through these next chapters of your most beautiful life!

This is ‘George’, BHRR’s Corbin’s new ‘big brother’ and Corbie also has two cat siblings, rabbits and birds also.

Tears of missing you shed yet tears of happiness also……letting go is never easy….for we adore all of our BHRR dogs!

The BHRR Puppy Pile x 7 now live from Edward to Richmond Hill, Ontario. In our hearts always they shall be and Mama Marbles also.

Mason, you should feel so proud! I know I am of you and this litter that you helped whelp.