My last post of my night!

On behalf of BHRR’s Eragon, he wishes to say to all that he is settling in so well…. 🙂

He is eating better than when he first arrived and taking his de-worming medication like a pro! He has also been placed on Revolution and has been such a good boy in so many ways!

He wags his tail when he sees me first thing each AM and that melts my heart. His crate training has been awesome!

His muzzle and mouth are scabbing over nicely from the damage of the muzzle and in this picture you can see the special Secret Santa gift that was mailed to him! True Canadian Love! 😀 A second picture of the collar is in the thread. 🙂

His anxiety / stress levels are still ever present yet now brewing right under the surface, not spilling over any longer and we are so careful to make sure that it does not overflow…we are working on teaching him that his own company is ok, that he can self-soothe and comfort himself without a human doing it for him and he is responding wonderfully!

He gets his alone time and he gets plenty of time with us and he has made friends with BHRR’s Ani, Jigsaw and BHRR’s Bell to date. 🙂

He has shown zero issues towards any of the dogs here and we are taking it slow and easy with him. We take our cues from him….

What I love so much about him is how he digs and pushes his head right into you…..he leans and leans and leans some more!

I cannot wait for the time to come that his eyes no longer carry fear, confusion and uncertainty and carry mischief, confidence and happiness. He has given me so much in trust and acceptance in such a short time already. Thank you Eragon! We have so much to show you in helping hands over hurting hands….

No new auction items to be added today to our 9th ANNUAL ‘Just In Time For Xmas’ online auction yet BHRR’s Eragon is hoping that many will consider checking out link below to view the 94 items we currently do have up for grabs!!!

Auction ends Thursday December 1st @ 9 PM EST! I will work on adding the final 4-5 items that we have tomorrow!

Best night wishes from our home to all of yours!

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