I would like to post about BHRR’s Abby! She is one of our absolutely gorgeous BBBBB’s.

Abby is also extra special as November is Adopt A Senior Month. We are hi-lighting her in the hopes that people may share her photo/story and that her forever loving adoptive home finds her!

She is a stunning 7 year old Great Dane that unfortunately is still awaiting so patiently as we are too, for her forever loving adoptive home to find her…she has been waiting since July of 2013 and we have not had one single adoption application received for her…. Not a single one.

Sadly, Abby has several deeply misplaced myths about her….she is a big black dog so the BBDS( Big Black Dog Syndrome) follows her wherever she goes. How unfortunate. Black is such a beautiful colour, big is beautiful also and she is anything but ‘common’.

She is also now a Senior and so many people have such wrong misconceptions about Senior dogs, especially giant Senior dogs. Just because she is 7 does not mean she is on her deathbed. She is active and healthy. My own Senior Great Dane is going strong at almost 9.5 years of age and BHRR’s Abby could well live to she is 10, 11 or older. Yes, Danes can and do live longer than what so many erroneously believe….I have had three live to almost 13.

You do not know love until you have had the love of a Senior dog…she is excellent with her house & leash manners, housebroken, obedient, affectionate, playful, kind, great with other dogs(NO cats!) and where once she did not like smaller dogs, she lives in complete harmony with 23 pound BHRR’s Steam and 10 pound Sir-Bounce-A-Lots. She travels great in a car, loves walks on the beach, sunrises and sunsets, cottage life, watching movies on the couch and likes people of all ages. She is kind, quiet and gentle and I adore the *frosting* on her face!

To learn more about BHRR’s Abby, here is her detailed blog. Please scroll to the very bottom and read upwards, skipping over any posts not related to her journey, ie fundraising posts

AND here is a small testimonial from a home who had a special picnic play date with her.

“Abby is wonderful, gentle and affectionate. I can’t believe she is not adopted. Abby’s leash manners are fantastic, she is such a pleasure to take for a walk ????

Thanks to all who may consider sharing BHRR’s Abby’s picture….