21 degrees out today and someone is having a nice snooze after a great walk/hike! Or rather on our walk/hike!! 😀

BHRR’s Baron, the Brazilian Mastiff you make my heart melt, you are such a a mushball to all you trust!!

Could not ask for a better dog in how he gets along with the other dogs…he is so awesome!! No issues with the horses either.

He is even superb with my three month old wolfie, Brogan. He continues to learn ‘gentle’ and ‘baby’ and his self-control is coming along wonderfully! He has really started to play with me these last few days and what a ham!!

AND I continue to have to dodge those big club paws to avoid further fat lips, crooked glasses etc! LOL He is a real character and so sad that strangers shall never experience this side of him….

He is now almost 11 months of age and his breeding is ever present with strangers. As he has learned more obedience with positive balanced structure, with that has also come a more relaxed attitude from him.

He remains extremely territorial over our home and just instinctively doing what he was bred to do.

He is also more affectionate with Sean yet still cautiously wary where Mason is concerned.

He is such a good boy, and we focus on what he needs, work to help him reach his full potential and never set him up for failure…

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