We are all tucked in safe & sound in our hotel room for the night!

Tomorrow is a home-visit to see if one of our remaining two BHRR Great Dane Puppy Pile pups are a right match personality fit!

BHRR’s Ross had his first hang out experience in a hotel last Sunday when he had a special picnic snack play date with BHRR BOD member Mary. 🙂 Mary was up visiting from Oshawa for our annual Dine with the BHRR Doggies event. 🙂

Mary also clearly showed him the comfort of a human bed! 😉

Both boyz, are doing fabu!! Many compliments on how well behaved and stunning they are… 🙂

The Puppy Pile are now 5 months of age.

First pictures is of BHRR’s Corbin & second is of BHRR’s Ross

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