BHRR’s Ethel – 2009? – September 26th, 2016

I have the most heartwarming post to make from our 9th Annual BHRR Dine Event on Saturday yet, I hope many will excuse my *radio* silence over the last while as we prepared to cross over a beloved BHRR Haven lovely who more than earned her angel wings on earth and now in heaven….

We almost said good-bye to dear BHRR’s Ethel on Friday yet I knew we could give her a few more days of absolute quality in life and it gave 40 people on Saturday to also say their own heart touching good-byes…

Tears from many of us on Saturday… much emotion….

This fine grand dame had a terrible life before coming into rescue. That she even survived as she did on the roads in a First Nation community that believes in culling, almost blind and deaf battling one of the worst UTI’s we have ever treated in our history of operating since 1996, is a true miracle. She had super bad hips and terrible bad knees to match.

It showed that she had spunk and she sure was a crotchety old gal! People quickly learned not to feel sorry for her for she did not survive all she had by being a wall flower. She was not shy about expressing to all that it was ‘her’ human or ‘her’ bed or ‘her space’. 😀 She had a backbone of steel this one.

She was taught scent training and learned words to help her know when we were approaching steps or a door and when we were getting into the car. She was such an independent soul that fast became a Fav for so many during her over 2.5 years with us….

A few felt it would have been better to have just crossed her over after she came into rescue….well, we disagree and so did BHRR’s Ethel!

Anyone who met this truly special creature of heaven was inspired by her and BHRR’s Ethel was not hesitant about wrapping her paws around many a heart!

Fiesty and spicy she was yet a most affectionate sweet grand dame she also was. She soft and sweet in so many ways and great with every human and dog she ever met!! She was so fascinated by the BHRR Puppy Pile when they were born….totally enamoured with them and a great *grandma* she was to them….always worrying about the safety yet, spoiling them with so much attention and love!

She learned to take treats gently so I could keep my fingers another day! :p She loved the wind blowing her sweet ears (damaged by fleas and more than one crunch from her past history of trying to fight for her own right to survive ) about.

I swear if ever a dog could smile it was BHRR’s Ethel!

She had strained her eyes so bad trying to see during her time all alone on the roads, she literally *popped them*. We saw the specialist and were assured that she was not in pain and her eyes were as distinctive and unique as the rest of her.

Loved her frosting and she was small yet mighty!

When BHRR’s Ethel entered a room, everyone knew! 😀

BHRR’s Ethel we wanted to give you many more years of happiness, special dates, wonderful experiences and to have you teach more people that to be special needs does not equate no quality of life! I am so sorry that your body so broken upon arrival could never be 100% repaired….

Yet what never was broken was your incredible spirit and beautiful heart!! You ruled BHRR’s Ethel and may heaven be prepared for you as the party is going to start!!

My home and heart is feeling so lost and empty….I miss your snoring and talking in your sleep. I miss how you could express more feelings in one look than most humans could do in words!! Never any doubt how you felt!

I miss how you *told* us off if you felt dinner was late or that you were outside a nano second longer than what you wanted! You and BHRR’s Potter sure have that in common! LOL

Your obedience and leash manners became a dream and your trust of me brought me to my knees.

I am a better person in having been touch by your gift of you being you BHRR’s Ethel. Thank you for blessing me and so many with your grace, your charm and your heart that was as big and kind as the world…you knew no limits BHRR’s Ethel.

You proved many times over if there was a will, there was a way and thank you for re-inforcing to me why BHRR needs to be here and why we exist!!

RIP my angel…we will see each other in my dreams until we meet again….