So as to let the sun also shine on this beautiful beauty, here is a photo of BHRR’s Bell from the home-visit today. 🙂

Karen and I are convinced that she was posing and also wanted her picture taken where we did BHRR’s Gentle Jakes’ approved adoption ones.🙂 She kept going back and standing by the hostas. 😀 So I pulled out my phone and went to snap my pictures and I got this one before the foster dog of the home photo bombed the rest! :p

BHRR’s Bell had a strong connection to their foster dog with NSD(National Service Dog) and was as playful as we have ever seen her to be yet she did not have connection with the people in the home.

The longer we were there the more she wanted to sit on my lap or lay at my feet and began to show she was further not comfortable and not wishing to leave my side much except to play off and on with their foster dog.

She made it clear that this was not the right matched forever loving him for her and that is completely fine. 🙂 Her own right matched personality fit home is out there and we all remain patient….we are so patient. 🙂

Doesn’t she look gorgeous!!!???!