This handsome Great Dane dude is BBBBB’s Ross – 16 weeks of age and he plus his equally handsome brother Corbin had their latest professional photo’s today thanks to the help of Liz, Heather plus Mason!

Corbin blew it out of the water with his great manners and obedience taking photo’s and well…..what can I say, 😀 BHRR’s Ross was spot on until a leaf blew, a blade of grass bent, saw the camera, was hoping for a treat, saw Mason, saw Corbin and well, in general any distraction that could pose fun and all manners were *off* and he then broke his sit/stay and the lay down/stay! 😛 What fun he is!!

Distraction training is the hardest to get through and overall even BHRR’s Ross did fabu, the ham!

For 16 weeks old puppies, their leash and collar manners are great. BHRR’s Corbin per Heather was self-correcting beautifully and neither cars, squealing tires or brakes, lawn mowers and buses etc., phased my babies one bit as we walked on sidewalks, crossed the roads etc.

Heather even commented so kindly about how wonderfully social both boyz are…thank you for such lovely praise!

It was great to see Liz plus Heather again and thank you all for your time and caring hands to give these two still available for adoption pups yet another amazing experience.

Liz thinks she can get these prof photo’s to us next week and we will update their blogs plus the Facebook adoptable album at that time, plus their Petfinder bio’s! So appreciative for the assistance in capturing these two amazing Boyz in their latest professional photo’s!

Both of these BHRR Puppy Pile puppies shall also be at Pet Valu Stittsville tomorrow between 10 am – 4 pm!! 🙂

Heather thank you for your sweet heart for the toys, meds and that adorable bow tie!

BHRR’s Ross(first photo), BHRR’s Corbin(second photo)

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