Update Sent Our Way:

“All is still well with Baron, we have had good days working on manners, listening and

learning right from wrong, as each day goes by, Baron is feeling more confident and sure

of himself.

He absolutely enjoys our adventurous outings with both structured walks and free playtime

with dog friends (playtime when not at home is always on a 30′ lunge lead).  I personally don’t

think he’d run away, his need for human (female) contact is too strong.  Recall is great with a

treat and huge praise as his reward.  He listens well most of the time, if caught doing something

he shouldn’t be doing, a firm gentle reprimand with touch seems to be effective.

He appears to have no food aggression or resource guarding, and there have been plenty of 

opportunities for him to have shown this negative behaviour although he has no problem stealing 

other dogs treats or food (we’re working on that).   I think the dino bones give him diarreah and 

gas as they are so greasy.  I did give him raw beef bones of comparable size and they seemed to be 

much more “tummy tolerant”.

Baron hasn’t made much progress with men, he becomes unsettled, guarded and very attentive

although it does seem to be worse in and around the house as opposed to outside or walking on leash.

As for meeting new females, he is cautious and shy at first but is easily won over with a treat.

Baron is very playful, rather clumsy and most definately doesn’t know his own size, trips on things,

slips on stuff and crashes into everything.  He is so very affectionate, loveable and happy, everyday

brings something new for him to explore.”